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A Division of PNG Ports Corporation Ltd


In accordance with a delegation from the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Department of Transport (DoT), PNG Ports is the authority vested with powers and responsibilities to control and regulate activities within the declared and non-declared ports in the country.

To take carriage of this responsibility, PNG Ports established the PNG Harbours Management Services (PNGHMS) in its organisational structure to be responsible for the regulatory functions including other compliance issues. The new division is also responsible for harbour management and the regulatory functions following a delegation of the Authority and Functions from PNG's DoT to PNG Ports.

Further, the above delegation also empowers PNGHMS to control and regulate activities within the declared ports as stipulated under section 15H and 15K of the Harbours Act (Ch. 240) of PNG. The powers and functions of PNGHMS under these sections are;

  • To control and regulate all waters and the use of all waters within a declared port
  • To act as a pilotage authority for the purposes of Part VIII of the Merchant Shipping Act (Chapter 242) where appointed as such under that Act
  • To erect and place in position buoys, markers, beacons and leads, and other things, that are necessary or desirable to facilitate navigation in or into a declared port
  • To dredge and maintain channels and berthing places
  • To build retaining walls for the purpose of reclaiming, and to claim and obtain title to land that is the bed of the declared port
  • To do all such other acts as will facilitate the use of the declared port by shipping
  • To control the use of foreshores in a declared port, subject to any right of occupation or tenancy granted under a law
  • To require a person to remove or destroy or to be caused to be removed or destroyed, any object or thing that in our opinion is an obstruction, hindrance or danger to navigation in, or to the use of a declared port by any vessel.

Consistent with the above functions and the Port (Management and Safety) Regulation 2010, PNGHMS is formulating policies, procedures and guidelines to properly control all activities in the declared ports and harbours. Some of these policies will cover Port Development Proposals, Mooring and Anchorage, Ferry Service, Port Facility Operators, Ship to Ship Transfer, and many more.