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Headed by the Chief Infrastructure Officer, the division manages all aspects of infrastructure maintenance and development, including the preparation of the CAPEX budget.

  • Wharves
  • Storage areas
  • Roads drainage
  • Pavements
  • Buildings and premises
  • Repairs and maintenance of all buildings including company accommodations.


Headed by the Chief Operations Officer, the division is responsible for managing all operational aspects of the 16 ports. The Operations Division ensures that it meets the needs of all stakeholders and achieves the expected levels of productivity and efficiency.

The Division also ensures compliance with PNG regulations and international standards. The Division also oversees security and management of pilotage services in all the ports.


Headed by the Chief Finance Officer, the division is responsible for the sound financial management of PNG Ports Corporation Ltd. This includes strategic investment decisions, planning and monitoring budgets and, ensuring compliance with PNG Legislative requirements and financial reporting.

 Corporate Affairs

Headed by the General Manager - Corporate Affairs, the division is responsible for providing support to the organisation through effective Property and Fleet Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment and Community Affairs.

 Commercial and New Business

Headed by the Chief Commercial Officer, the division is responsible for maintaining relationships with stakeholders and developing new business opportunities. The department also provides support to the organisation by financial and economic analysis which helps in managerial decision making. Policy development and reporting on corporate performance to the Board are further responsibilities.

 Maritime Compliance/PNG Harbours Management Services

Headed by the Chief Maritime and Compliance Officer, the division is responsible for managing all aspects of regulatory and legal compliance. The division operates independently from the commercial operations of PNGPCL and extends to all operations within the ports and harbours of PNG.

 Governance & Risk

Headed by the General Manager - Governance & Risk, the division audits the business performance. The Department ensures policies and procedures compliance to manage risk appropriately. It is also responsible for carrying out investigations in the case of misconduct or breaches of policies and procedures as necessary.