The Rabaul Port (above) overlooks a spectacular harbour; and the township is a tourist destination, quite popular for its scuba diving and snorkelling sites.
General Port Information
Latitude: 03° 35.0'S
Longitude: 152° 10.36'E
Chart No. AUS 680
Regional Port: Rabaul
Radio Communication "Call "Rabaul Port Control" on VHF
16/12 +82
Customs: Port of entry
Pilotage: Pilotage is compulsory. Pilot is available and based in Rabaul
Tugs: Available 24 hours
Bunkers: Fuel: Diesel available by road tanker
at berths 1 –2. InterOil and Island Petroleum. Water: Available at berth by pipeline.
Wharf Facilities

There are no wharf mounted however, mobile are available capable of lifting up to 20 tonne containers. Shippers are advised though to check this before shipping heavier loads. Prior advice and approval must be sought from the relevant Port Authority.

Storage Area

Under cover 10,179sq.m.
Open storage 20,300sq.m.

Bunker Provider
Diesel available by road tanker at berths 1 –2.
Suppliers: Interoil and Island Petroleum

Slipways, Ship Repairs & Maintenance
A new dry dock facility is in operation at Motukea (Port Moresby) by Curtain Brothers (PNG) Ltd.

Water Provider
Available at berth by pipeline.

Water Disposal
No waste disposal facility is available. Arrangements
for disposal can be done with the Shipping Agent and
Department of Health (Quarantine Section).

Stevedore Provider
ENB Port Services Pty Ltd
P.O Box 271, Rabaul
Telephone:(675) 982 1952/982 1959

The above mentioned facilities are not available. For further clarification - Advice of thementioned facilities must be obtained from the Executive Manager (Operations) or the
respective Port Manager prior to any shipmen

Contact Information
PNG Ports Corporation Limited
P.O BOX 592
East New Britain Province
Papua New Guinea

Telephone:+675 982 1536/982 1533/982 1535
Facsimile:+675 982 1534
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Official Office
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +675 982 1599 / 76814333 / 71910223
Pilot (Marine) +675 982 1538
Customs (Collector) +675 982 9325
Health Officer +675 982 7249
Quarantine Officer +675 982 2396
Fire +675 982 8662
Police +675 982 8222
Ambulance +675 982 7333
Emergency 000
Technical Information Wharves
Berth Length Width Water Depth
(below LAT)
Deck Height
(Above LAT)
Berth 1
Blanche St
122m 12.12m 7.0m 2.8m
Berth 2
Bay Road
152m 15.2m 10.2m 2.8m
Permissible Loadings
Berth Distributed
Tons per sqm
Road Vehicle
Truck Semi-trailer Forklift
Berth 1 2.44 T17 ST28 F10
Berth 4 2.44 T17 ST28 F7
Pilotage Authority
PNG Ports Corporation Ltd. Pilotage is compulsory. Pilot is available and based in Rabaul.

Boarding Station
Lat: 04°15.7 S, Long: 152° 12.24E, Matupit Pt Light House Bearing 310° (T) x 1.62M

Or Bad Weather
Call "Rabaul Port Control" on VHF 16/12. +82

Communication Arrangements
Call "Rabaul Port Control" on VHF 16/12. +82

Tug, Towage, Barges and Mooring Gangs
Privately owned and operated under license issued by the PNG Ports Corporation Ltd. Arrangements can be made with Private Operators through the respective Shipping Agents.

Rabaul Port Layout
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Milestones in Progress

Lae Port Extension

Lae Tidal Basin Project
 Lae Industrial Park
Lae Industrial Park

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