Ports staff get new uniforms to boost customer service


Staff of PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) have been given brand new corporate uniforms to improve overall customer services.


Acting Managing Director, Mr. Fego Kiniafa said the uniforms are a great team-building resource for the staff, and they can improve overall customer service as well as brand awareness.


“Staff who wear uniforms with a company’s logo and colours allow the business to become instantly recognisable by local clients or customers,” Mr. Kiniafa said.


The procurement of the uniforms were done locally and distributed to all staff across the network of 15 ports. Male staff received two pairs of navy blue trousers and two long sleeve shirts (sky blue), a belt and neck-tie while female staff received two skirts and two shirts, a belt and a scarf each.


Shoes are not part of the uniform package because of cost cutting measures currently in place by management but staff are expected to provide their own shoes.


“PNG Ports’ brand is one of the company’s most precious assets; the visual representation of a brand is a reflection of a company’s personality and core values.”


“Consistent treatment and usage of the new brand identity set forth in the company’s guidelines will help achieve our goal of raising awareness and building greater brand fairness,” Mr. Kiniafa said.


Generally the issuing of the new uniforms is to create brand awareness, promoting company loyalty and team building, creating a professional brand image, staff protection and eliminating any dress code dilemmas at the work place.


PNG Ports Lae staff





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