PNG Ports to upgrade old main wharf for APEC 2018

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL) is assisting the APEC 2018 Authority to upgrade the old main wharf at the Central Business District (CBD) of Port Moresby at the sum of K16 million for one of the three accommodation cruise ships.

On behalf of the APEC 2018 Authority, PNGPCL selected and signed a contract on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 with Curtain Brothers (CB) Group of Companies to upgrade the old main wharf for APEC 2018.

The APEC 2018 Authority requires adequate berthing facilities for the three large cruise ships coming to Port Moresby to provide accommodation for the delegates attending the APEC Leaders meeting in November this year as there are not enough hotel rooms in Port Moresby for the large number of delegates.

This approach has been successfully exercised for numerous meetings around the world and is common place these days to sufficiently increase accommodation capacity.

The APEC 2018 Authority sought help from PNGPCL in June 2017 to manage this project and PNGPCL has kindly agreed to supervise and organise the necessary construction works, in order to complete the wharf upgrades timely and successfully.

“PNGPCL is happy to assist the APEC 2018 Authority in its preparations to facilitate the three cruise ships. One cruise ship will be berthed at the new Motukea port while the other two will be berthed at the former Port Moresby Port’s container terminal wharf and old main wharf,” PNGPCL’s Managing Director, Mr. Stanley Alphonse said.

He said the two existing wharf facilities at the former Port Moresby port in the CBD (Downtown) require significant work to accommodate the large sized cruise ships, especially the bollard and fender systems need upgrading to safely berth large ships alongside.

Also taking into account possible large wind loading forces and the hefty dynamic momentum of the 265 metres long cruise ship itself during berthing and whilst being moored alongside.

Whilst the majority of the cost has been met by the Office of the Prime Minister and National Executive Council, PNGPCL has also contributed time, resources and approximately 10 percent of the overall cost as part of its community service obligation (CSO) program.

Payment has been done to the contractor and preparations for the construction works are currently going full speed ahead with the piling works to start soon and the date of completion set for August 2018.

Shipping info to be accessed via new PNG Ports mobile app

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) has made access to vital shipping information more accessible through the recent introduction of a mobile phone application.

Instead of contacting either PNG Ports or the shipping agents for vessel movements in Papua New Guinea and other relevant information, clients can easily download the Shipping Schedule mobile application on android phones and start accessing information from the palm of their hands.

Small to Medium Enterprises involved in importing and exporting goods in and out of PNG are expected to benefit greatly from this, from wherever they are located in the country.

PNG Ports Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse, said the mobile application was user friendly and information such as the expected time of arrival for ships, berthing information and vessel names could be accessed using the application.

The application gets information feed from the PNG Ports website and can also be downloaded via the website.

“PNG Ports has, over the years, strived to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver services in a timely and efficient manner and we hope that the introduction of the mobile application enhances this,” Mr Alphonse said.

PNG Ports is one of the oldest state owned entities in PNG, is the sole authority over all declared ports in the country, and manages 15 of the 23 declared ports in PNG.

PNG Ports serves as the country’s gateway to the world as the primary national port facilities provider.

New terminal operator starts operations at Lae tidal basin

International vessel, Kweilin, calls into the Lae Tidal Basin to unload and load cargoes under the new terminal operator, International Container Terminal Services Inc.’s (ICTSI).
International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) discharging cargo at the Lae tidal basin wharf. Operations commenced on Friday, February 2nd.
Stacking of containers at the Lae tidal basin port operated by the new international terminal operator, International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI)

Long serving Personal Assistant recognized for service to SOE’s

To say he was the proudest man that day would be an understatement.

Vagi Orarigo was at the Government House in Konedobu, to witness his wife, Helen Rupa, receive the Medal of the Order of the British Empire for Meritorious Service (BEM).

Blending in with the excited crowd, he did a good job at containing his emotions of joy, complete satisfaction and all those other good feelings bubbling within.

To him, the award was the result of her hard work, but for her it was his understanding, confidence, trust, and most of all, love, which helped her achieve the award.

“Beside every successful woman, is a supportive man, and I owe every bit of this award to my very supportive husband. Without him, there is no me,” said Ms Rupa.

Ms Rupa, who is employed as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Infrastructure Officer at PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports), was recognized for her services to State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s).

She is a long serving staff member at PNG Ports having clocked 20 years with the Infrastructure Division which is responsible for delivering multi million kina port infrastructural developments throughout the company’s network of 15 ports.

Her work requires extended hours, often under pressure and the work load is immense. 

Being the sole bread winner in the family doesn’t make it less stressful, but she does it with the ease of a pro, thanks to her husband.

From chef to chauffer, keeper to fixer, a jack-of-all-trades, he keeps everything together while she worries about her job, says Ms Rupa as she spoke highly of her better half.

“There is never a time when he complained. Without an understanding husband who is always there for me, pushing me to do my best, I would not have lasted this long in my 31-year career as a Personal Assistant,” said Ms Rupa.

Ms Rupa can count herself one of the lucky few women, because these days, men like Vagi Orarigo come in short supply.

As if their life had been one prewritten by fate, the couple, from Pelagai in Aroma, Central Province, share the same birth day on June 25, 1969.

They married on April 17, 1988 and have two daughters aged 29 and 19 and a son, aged 14.

After working 11 years in other companies, Ms Rupa joined PNG Ports on May 19, 1997 as the Secretary to the Chief Engineer to the PNG Harbours Board, the predecessor to PNG Ports.

Maintaining her position, Ms Rupa has worked under seven different bosses in the Infrastructure Division which comprises of the company engineers, architects, builders, and a large team of tradespeople, where her responsibilities have been endless and very vital.

PNG Ports has looked after her well enough that she has purchased a piece of prime land at Rainbow in Gerehu where she has built a home and bought herself a car to make travelling to work and around the city easy.

The recognition given through the BEM honours her hard work and contributions of 31 years in the workforce.

She was the only fortunate one to receive an award out of 2000 other administration professionals that were nominated by Office Dynamics International, a company which specialises in training and skill building.

“I would like to thank Office Dynamics International for the nomination and confidence that I was special,” she said.

“I would also like to thank PNG Ports for being my best employer, giving me the opportunity to attend numerous trainings over the years and grooming me.”

“PNG Ports has changed me through quality trainings, attendance and participating in big admin conferences, and the overall experience with the company has made a big impact for me.”

“I have been working in this field for 31 years and there has never been a single day that I have thought twice about it.  My interest in what I’m doing, the willingness to learn and my love for my profession have played a role in the achievement of this award.”

Ms Rupa added that PA’s roles were vital in large organisations and sometimes, handling the tasks was difficult.

“We have to run with things, not sleep on things if you are working with a large team of highly qualified people,” she said.

Asked to rate her proficiency level, she said: “Just say one thing and move out of the way, I’ll do the rest.”

Statement on point, she has never failed her team on the administrative side of things, and the multimillion kina projects have always been delivered on time.

Her eyes are now set on giving more to PNG Ports, the company that has helped her progress in more ways than one.

During the investiture ceremony at Government House, a stranger approached her: “there are many hard working Papua New Guineans out there who commit themselves for the country, and you are one of them. You deserve this award.”

And yes, deserve it, she did.

To the countless long serving teachers, health workers, lone police officers, peace mediators, district officers, and the endless list of tireless patriotic citizens who tough it out in PNG’s harshest remote out backs, everybody contributes their share in nation building.

As Ms Rupa put it: “We all may not know but in all our professions and the little things we do in life, we are playing a role in nation building, and we must all have confidence in ourselves, and do something to drive PNG forward.”

“Whether you receive an award or medal or not, it does not matter, God will reward you. You serve with your heart, for your family and for your country.”



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